Leap Learning Systems delivers cutting-edge language and literacy development programs to educators, students and their families across Chicago and beyond, particularly those in underserved communities.

We believe that words are tools. If young people can speak, write and communicate effectively, they are poised for success in school, at work and in life.

Research reveals that children from low-income backgrounds hear 40 million fewer words and spend nearly 1,000 fewer hours being read to before kindergarten than children from middle- and upper-class households. Students who lack sufficient language and communication skills are at a distinct disadvantage that will greatly impact their academic and life experience.

Leap is committed to shrinking this learning gap by improving the language and literacy skills of students across Chicago and nationwide. Our research-based programs for Early Childhood, School Age and High School and Beyond are proven to work and have the power to accelerate academic performance and transform lives.



Words Are Tools

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Science and Math Excellence (SAME)

Leap Learning Systems will deliver a professional development series to the teachers in the Science and Math Excellence(SAME) program at Rush Hospital network.

Leap’s After School EnRichment Program (LASER)

Leap Learning Systems is partnering with the University of Chicago Donghue Charter School to implement Leap’s AfterSchool EnRichment Program (LASER).

LASER combines direct academic support lessons aligned with Common Core Standards

After School Matters (ASM)

Leap Learning Systems is partnering with After School Matters to provide language and literacy programming for high school students.

This Fall, The Beverage Industry: Products and Profits program will return to Austin Business and Entrepreneurship Academy and Christ the King Jesuit College Prep.